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Samuel E. Hoke III

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I began my performing career as a stage actor, and then spent over a decade as a major market radio personality. There have also been  a few network television appearances along the way.     


With the advent of large scale computing in business I became a technology strategist for two of the largest banks in the world and also spent several wonderful years as  a  technology consultant with IBM.         


Finally, I discovered the world of audiobooks. In that world I found my 

                                                       PASSION .. !!   


"If you are interested in hearing my voice narrating your book, feel free to send me a short script (preferably with multiple characters), and any important information about the characters.  I 'll return you  an MP3 file for your evaluation.


If you love the audition, we can negotiate a final rate and production schedule.

Hourly rate and pseudonym  furnished upon request.

I will record  your audiobook in my acoustically treated recording space.



The Gear:

  • HP i5, 32gb RAM, 1.5 tb, cloud synchronization

  • Reaper 

  • RX6

  • Large array of iZotope ,Waves, Universal Audio and Slate  digital tools

  • Nueman U47 and U67 as well as a large assortment of other  mics in my mic locker

  • Apollo Twin



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