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Months after antiques picker and ex-FBI agent Jeff Talbot's beloved 1948 Chevy woodie was wrecked—the result of a killer trying to run Jeff off the road—it's finally restored. But when he and his butler go to pick it up at the shop, they discover the asphyxiated bodies of four men—including owner Louie Stella, a former informant from Jeff's FBI days.

But what at first appears to be a terrible accident is soon ruled a homicide. Louie's son, Tony, is missing—and he's left behind an envelope, found inside the woodie. Filled with clues, it connects the Talbot family with what the media has dubbed the "Four on the Floor" murders. As Jeff puzzles together the pieces of his past, he goes undercover to catch a rich, mysterious woman who may hold the key—while trying not to become the fifth on the floor....

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